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So you’re on this page because you are seeking good quality roofers that can get the job done fast? If so then you are definitely on the right page! Here at Top Northampton Roofers, our expert repair specialists provide you with the best customer service and fulfill all of your roofing needs. So whether you want your gutters cleaned, have a leaking roof that needs fixing, need flat roofing or all of the above, we have the tools, equipment, resources, and people to get the job done!



You guys are great! I had a leak in my roof after the heavy rains a few weeks ago, and I called up and they sent over a roofer pretty quickly. He fixed the roof in an hour and was a great chat too!

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Flat roofing systems have come a long way from traditional hot-mopped built-up roofing in looks, strength, and durability. For flat roofing installation and repair in Northampton, go no further – let us put our expertise to work to guide you through your options. We are your established roofing contractors about for flat roofing in Northampton.

Flat Roof Repair Roofing Contractors in Northampton


Fibreglass provides aesthetically-pleasing and well suited to both simple and complex roofing designs. The roof and edges are covered with a seamless, continuous five layer polyester membrane that bonds to the roof deck. Then a top-coat of protective polyester in a selected color is applied. The smooth surface inhibits the growth of moss or lichen, and will not attract dust and dirt. It’s the wind and waterproof and virtually damage-proof requiring little maintenance during its 30+ year life span, and a non-slip finish provides an ideal surface for a roof garden, balcony or walkway.

Single Ply Membrane

The single ply roof is constructed from flexible sheets of an impervious membrane which are joined using a heat gun to form a watertight weld. There is a choice of finishes and colors and even such simulations as those of a lead roll roof. Compatible with Mansafe roof systems and BBA certified single ply flat roofing is recommended for flat roofs where access for equipment maintenance is required. Light and relatively maintenance-free, yet highly durable and weather-resistant, it installs quickly and cost efficiently.

Kemper Waterproofing System

For extremely durable flat roofing that is really versatile, the Kemper Waterproofing System is the best solution for garages, sheds, and workshops, etc. Kemper waterproofing is fabricated on site from specially developed resins. This works with a seamless tear-resistant polyester fleece membrane, bonded to the roof’s substrate, to provide economically, quickly installed permeable flat roofing for both new roofs and repairs.

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After performing hundreds of roofing projects for the people of Northampton, we are still very passionate about helping fellow residents. A house is four walls and a roof, without these elements it is very difficult to call it home. So, with this, we know how frustrating it can be if you are experiencing problems with your roof?and also how hard it can sometimes be to find reliable contractors. Therefore we are here to offer our services.

Additionally, it may not be the case that your roof is in need of any repairs, it may well be a flat roofing project that you require or it may be shingles that need to be installed or gutters that need repairing or cleaning out. Whatever your ideas, we can make them come to life, being the recommended roofers in the entire Northampton region, our expertise lies in all matters relating to roofing. So if you are in need of reliable roofers in Northampton, then we are most definitely the people and company for you.

Flat Roof Repair Roofing Contractors in Northampton

Contact us, your established roofing contractors about these and other options for flat roofing in Northampton. We also offer gutter cleaning and a whole lot more so get in touch!

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We can provide pretty much any roofing service you need. Any damages to your roof, we can fix. Need a new roof? We can do it. Want flat roofing done? We can do it. Here is a list of the full services we offer.

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