Tell-tale signs that your roof needs replacement

Tell-tale signs that your roof needs replacement

May 7, 2018

Roofs will inevitably become damaged more so after serving you for a long time. On average, a roof will last you for 20 years. Roofs will one time become damaged, no matter the quality of materials you used or how frequently you maintain it. Roof maintenance is costly, so you need to know when to replace your roof. Here are the signs that your roof is due for replacement.

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Rotting underlay

Am underlay damage could easily result in a roof caving in. this wouldn?t just be incredibly dangerous, but once it caves in, it would cost you a lot to have it fixed. You would need to replace it with a new roof and also fix the damages that occurred when it caved in.

Mould and moss growth

When you notice that your roof has mold or mildew on the surface, chances are that your roof tiles could have been forced apart already. With tiles apart, a gap is created which can lead to leaks. As you probably know, leaks lead to even more problems. It is time to call professional roofers in Northampton to have it fixed.

Sagging Roof

At the time of installation, your roof was in a straight line. Therefore, if you notice that it has a curve in its structure it is a sign that materials are sagging. You need to replace your roof sooner because what might follow next is that your roof caves in.

Loose substances and missing tiles

Materials used for stabilizing chimneys and vents can become weak and brittle, which means they have to be replaced to prevent further issues.

Aging of roof

A roof, like most other things, will get weaker as it ages. An older roof is more prone to damages and the sooner you replace it the better.

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