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Welcome to Northants Plumbing Pros! We are the go to plumbers for people all over the Northamptonshire region. Whether you are looking for domestic plumbing or commercial plumbing services, we can help you with those and all the above. We have been in business for over 10 years, so rest assured, we have the experience and expertise to help you! We can service you if you are in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering and anywhere else in Northamptonshire!

3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Us:

Fully Qualified Roofers

In the building/service trade, unfortunately there are a lot of rouge/cowboy builders that give us all a bad name. With Top Northampton Roofers, you can be rest assured that we are 100% qualified and professional roofers!

Excellent Value For Money

While we are proper qualified roofers, we offer excellent pricing for all of our services. We are upfront and honest about all aspects of the work we execute, clearly detailing the cost of labour, materials and the other costs.

Available In Emergencies

We understanding that problems with ones roof can come out of nowhere. That’s why we try our best to be available 24/7, on top of our normal hours. This ensures that you have a reliable roofer in times of emergency!


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Plumbing issues can be a real nightmare for homeowners and if you own a business. The last thing you want is for your boiler to stop working, our for your toilet not to be flushing properly, or experience blocked drains. The list of plumbing problems can go on and on, and these situations can arise when you least expect it, so having a reliable plumber is always handy.

For businesses that have regular customers going in and out of the premise, it is vital that your plumbing systems are up to scratch. Also, if you are a landlord or live in a home, if you have compromised boiler, heater or any other unit, then this can cause big issues. Make sure everything is in order, and you won’t have any unnecessary headaches.

Here at Northants Plumbing Pros, we strive to make your life easy and less stressful! We get it, plumbing issues can cause a big inconvenience. However, we are readily available to help you in ANY situation, and with over 10 years of plumbing experience, and countless positive reviews, we are the plumbers for everyone in Northamptonshire. Call us today to discuss your needs!

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your go to plumbers in northamptonshire

Check Out The Areas We Cover

We can help people all over the county of Northampton. Below you will see our main service areas. We can help everyone in the county, so call us today!



We are located in Northampton, so we know it like the back of our hands. We service all areas in the town, click below to learn more!



The second largest town in the county, we have years of experience helping the people of Kettering! Call us today if you need certified plumbers!



Wellingborough is one of our most popular area. We’ve helped hundreds of home owners and business overcome their plumbing woes!

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Problems concerning ones roof is never a good thing. If your roof is damaged then it could get worse in bad weather. Or if you simply need a roofer for a new roof or flat roofing, then you will also require one. Whatever the case may be, roofers are essential in all communities and areas.

Only a good experienced and professional roofing company can help you out the right way. We are one of the best in Northamptonshire and are here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer to your question. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to contact us because we can help you with all your roofing needs!

That totally depends on the scale of the project. A simple repair, for example, can be done within a few hours, whereas a more complex project which requires materials/parts etc can sometimes take a bit longer. We are qualified professionals, so rest assured the standard of work will be top quality, and we won’t rush a project just to move ont0 the next one!

Yes of course! If you know exactly what needs doing and you know exactly what you need to purchase, then by all means contact us and we will only charge you for our labour. We can also advise on the best quality roofing supplies if need be.


Yes absolutely! Please call us on 01604 422108 or click here and fill out the estimates form as best as you can!

In most cases we will always complete our assigned projects within the quoted timescales. However, sometimes it may go over the timescale due to multiple reasons. If this happens, then we will put extra resources where possible and we’ll try to complete it as soon as we can. We will not charge for extra time if we are not at fault.


We are confident that we can help with pretty much all of your roofing needs, so call us on 01604 422108 or fill out this estimates form and we will get right back to you!

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